About Sommer

Wife, mommy, teacher, writer, artist, constant volunteer, master of eBay...cookery queen.

As a family-taught, then self-taught cook, I have been exploring the culinary arts for many years. Through experimentation, I've not only learned a lot of useful techniques; I've learned a lot about myself.  

I'm often asked if I have a particular cooking style or an out-right culinary perspective. I love cooking things that brings back happy memories, and foods from placed I've traveled. That covers a lot of ground! "All Things In Moderation" is my mantra. I care greatly about health, but also believe that life is short and we should enjoy the little pleasures, guilt free. I'd rather cook food that tastes amazing--and eat smaller portions--than stuff myself with "healthy" dishes void of flavor and appeal. In the RECIPE BOX you will find a mix of light, health-conscious dishes, global fare, and good ol' American comfort food! 

Over the last 3 years I have been teaching a local cooking class called Confidence In The Kitchen. The class focuses on helping individuals get healthful, delicious meals on the table several nights a week, and to be at home in their kitchens. My goal is to provide easy-to-prepare recipes--with a little flair--and to teach the students to trust their instincts!

This blog is an extension of our class, and a puree of my personal and kitchen journals. I truly hope it lends you a little extra confidence to your kitchen!

Sommer Collier
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