February 15, 2010

Q and A

I have received quite a few cooking questions since I started A Spicy Perspective last month. My cousin suggested I offer a "Question and Answer" post, allowing readers to submit their kitchen quandaries.

Over the next week I am accepting questions for the Q and A post. Please submit your questions by: making a comment after this post, email, or facebook.

I can't promise I'll know all the answers, but I'm pretty good at making them up! ;)


P.S. I LOVE all your comments! You are very encouraging...keep 'em coming!

1 comment:

  1. I bought a block of Greek Style Feta Cheese marked 'Traditional' because it was cheaper than the customary softer, crumbled and/or flavored Feta. It's texture is rubbery and doesn't have any flavor. What can I do to it?


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