May 10, 2010

The Makings Of A Rebel

Maple-Bacon Corn Muffins...

I have been a good girl most of my life... always a rule-follower. Growing up as the middle child, I was the watcher. I watched my older brother make mistakes in his teen years, and suffer the consequences. I watched my care-free little sister make even worse mistakes, and I watched my parents stress over the whole ordeal! I remember several specific moments when I wanted to be a little reckless, but thought to myself, "Poor mom and dad, I'll just be good and save them the headache!"

This didn't come without resentment from the edgier members of my family. As I caused little trouble, I felt somehow entitled to special  privileges. It's sort of a family joke now. I was known to whine to my parents, "Why can't I  ______? I'm the GOOD KID!!!" On occasion, the rest of the bunch still call me the "good kid" with a snarky undertone. I agree, I deserve it!

Nowadays, I live in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. A town that advertises itself as a "Foodtopian Society". A place where culinary and dietary endeavors are celebrated. Where sustenance has a certain religious quality. Whether a classically-trained chef, an athlete, a nutritionist, animal-rights activist,  herbivore, loc-a-vore, farmer, or plain-old-eater...Asheville citizens have a exuberant passion for food! A LOUD passion, I might add! You could say I've heard an opposing opinion or two in the last six years. This is thrilling, for those of us who love a good food-debate, but I admit, a little confusing at times!

Always a selective shopper and cook, I feel like my family eats well. However, an eternal student of...well, LIFE, I'm always eager to learn of healthier cooking methods and ingredients. Here is a list of popular "Food Laws" I've collected since moving here. Let's see if I can get them all straight.

Food Law List:

Avoid high fructose corn syrup. (Check!)

Avoid trans fats. (Check!)

Avoid caffeine. (Check..except for chocolate!)

Don't eat anything processed, only whole foods. (Check, 95% of the time.)

Eat low fat, but get lots of essential fatty acids. (hmmm...)

Never cook with oils and fats...but don't use Teflon either. (HMMMM!)

Never eat animal fat--except for duck fat--that is, unless you're a vegetarian!

Watch out for GMOs! They cause cancer!

Avoid dairy at all costs, but eat LOTS of yogurt (probiotics) and cottage cheese (protein) (???)

Only buy raw-milk cheese. No wait, I mean raw goat's milk cheese...I mean consume NO cheese at all!

Totally avoid all SOY products. (They say soy is actually DANGEROUS!)

Avoid nut milks and goat's milk. (Too fatty.) In other words...NO MILK of any kind.

Eat tons of whole grains for fiber, but never those that come from wheat or corn (You know, the two little grains that are in EVERYTHING!?!)

Humans were not meant to consume grains. We should all be eating a grain-free diet.

Avoid alcohol, but drink red wine for the antioxidants.

Don't drink fruit juices--too high in sugar--even the natural kind.

Drink a gallon of water a day, but NEVER while you are eating. (Disturbs your digestion.)

Oh...and the water you are constantly drinking when you are not eating? It should be either ice cold or room temperature, depending on who you talk too.

Never store, eat, or drink anything in plastic, only glass. (Cancer, again.)

Never use a microwave. (You guessed it--cancer.)

Always bake on parchment paper, but you better recycle it!

Avoid all corn bi-products. (In EVERYTHING from cheese to chicken soup.)

Never eat anything with MSG in it--you might as well eat rat poisoning! (Also in everything and labeled with code names.)

Eat at least five servings of veggies EVERYDAY--but only those that are organic, locally grown, and in season. (Winter???)

Eat mostly dark or brightly colored veggies. (But only those meeting the previous criteria.)

Don't cook your veggies because it kills the nutrients.

Eat dark berries and pomegranate for the antioxidants EVERYDAY--but again, only in season, and pesticide free.

Don't eat fruit--too high in carbs.

Eat red meat for iron. Whoops! I mean, don't EVER eat red meat. Ok, if you MUST eat red meat, only eat local, grass-fed red meat. 

Eat LOADS of fish, but only those that are sustainable, caught wild, and low in mercury.

Only eat free range chickens. (Food Inc.)

Never eat pork or shellfish. (Dirty.)

Fully cook your meat because of bacteria. OR some say, under-cook your meat so you don't kill all the nutrients. I also heard--don't cook your meat at all, eat it raw to absorb the most nutrients!

You know what...just don't eat meat! (Easier to remember.)

Eat small portions of protein 5-6 times a day, but of course, not dairy or meat protein. Not soy or whey supplements (for OBVIOUS REASONS), or nuts either, too fatty! (What does that leave, beans?)

Only use natural sea salts, and very little of that!

Avoid sugar, and all sugar substitutes...and food coloring for that matter (Sorry bakers!)


HUFF...I suddenly feel bewildered, exhausted and slightly light-headed! This list, my friends, would make anyone, even a "good kid" feel a smidge rebellious! Dan and I have decided we land soundly in the All-Things-In-Moderation camp. We accept only the "food laws" that support our personal beliefs and life-style. And still, every now and again, I just throw all caution to the wind and make sugary, fattening, corn-starchy, pork-laden Maple-Bacon Corn Muffins! Is that so wrong??? I dare you to make them!


Maple-Bacon Corn Muffins
4 oz. bacon
1 cup yellow cornmeal
1 cup flour
1 Tb. baking powder
½ cup sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 cup milk
2 eggs
¼ cup melted butter
¼ cup maple syrup

Preheat oven to 400*. Heat a skillet to medium-high. Chop the bacon and cook until slightly crispy. Remove with a slotted spoon and set the skillet aside.

In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients. Whisk in the milk and eggs, followed by the melted butter, maple syrup and ¼ cup bacon grease.

Stir the bacon pieces back into the mixture.

Place muffin liners in a 12-cup muffin tin. Evenly divide the mixture into the liners. Bake for 15 minutes—until golden.

Remove from the muffin tin and serve warm! Makes 12.

Maple-Bacon Corn Muffins on Foodista


  1. Hi, I like this. Because I love bacon. Actually we (husband, son)love bacon. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I've got to stop reading your blog when I am hungry, Sommer - it is dangerous! There are quite a few "rules" out there, aren't there? and they all seem to contradict. As for your muffins, organic corn meal is usually non gmo so that solves that and it's easy enough to find all natural bacon, and maple syrup is a "natural" sweetener - so this recipe may be able to shape up after all! (; Sounds wonderful!

  3. Wonderfully informative post. Agreed on most counts.

    That bacon looks wonderful. I love bacon. Great looking muffins.


  4. Good looking muffins you have there! and that list is a great one to follow, my weakness is the coffee but only in the morning...never been to your side of the country, maybe someday...

  5. Wow! If you'd follow that list, I would just have fruit salad and undressed vegan salads everyday, which is what my turtle eats. Sure turtle lives to a very very long age. But it's also sluggish sommers. Hahaha

    Take it from me, who used to be a omnivore-turned-vegan-turned-vegetarian-turned-ovolactopescovegetarian-turned-omnivore again, being super strict on food has some benefits... but it also damages your mental state. Most vegos are binging on cakes when they crave. Lots of cakes!! That's why it's also a little rare to find a vegetarian who cooks well but has a slim figure. Most of them are either slim and can't cook or vice versa... (Trust me, I saw lots of vegos in psych clinics)

    My true motto is to eat what you crave for. When you eat specific to what you crave, you'd eat less. Automatic moderations. Yay!
    (Ok stop yabblin, if you want some more. here's a link )

    The muffin is truly an example of crave satisfiers. Amazing! I'd definitely eat this with deep fried chicken and fatty gravy!! Hahahaha!

  6. I agree completely! It's better to allow yourself little pleasures than to deprive-and-binge!

  7. I think it's ok to have a teeny bit of bacon once in a while. These look good!

  8. Mmmmmmmm! Maple Bacon corn muffins, somebody pass the turkey and gravy.

  9. haha Sounds like a lecture from my mom! I sometimes ask her what's left to eat.

  10. life is too short for so many rules. Rules are for fools, so I'm glad you broke free!

  11. Oh my these look absolutely divine!

  12. Great informative post.This muffins looks so fluffy and delicious, love the bacon addition.

  13. This is just a crack up!! I also live in the Everything in Moderation Camp. Your muffins looks fantastic!

  14. The muffins are simply mouth-watering! I would rip up that list in a heartbeat for one of these lovelies!

  15. they look divine! i might try my hand at them one weekend soon! love NC too

  16. Those muffins are irresistible!

  17. This might be the best post I have ever seen. Both for the food-for-thought and for the muffins, which I am totally making this weekend! So glad I found your blog! :-)


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